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Are you struggling to create an inspired classroom for your kiddos to learn? Here is a wonderful classroom to give you all sorts of inspiration!

Our homeschool classroom is all about functionality. Years ago, we decided to convert our family room which almost never got used into a homeschool room. We tore up the old carpet and painted the floor. This may not be the most attractive flooring solution, but it was cost effective and it is easy to sweep up bits of paper and scraps from crafting and I never have to worry about the kids ruining the floor by spilling paint. Read more here!

Crayola is a homeschooling staple! They are currently offering a 10% discount on a purchase of $30 or more!

One of the fun things that crayola offers is customized products. So, grab a “Happy Birthday, Betty” box of crayons or a “You did a great job, Joe” set of markers for your kiddos today!

Color and Draw Products at Crayola

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Saving money on school supplies always feels great! Head over to Discount School Supply and see what great finds you can discover!

Classroom furniture, art supplies and even curriculum can be found on this site for a discounted price! Check this out when planning purchases for your kiddos!

Find affordable early childhood curriculum resources to meet each child’s individual needs and prepare for kindergarten.

Unit Studies typically refer to using one topic as a way to study more than one subject at a time. Unit Studies are a great way to teach multiple kids of different ages. We used them constantly when studying history and science when our kiddos were in elementary grades. The Pinay Homeschooler has compiled a crazy fantastic list of Unit Studies! Head over HERE and pick your favorites to do with your kiddos this year!

Written by The Homeschool Scientist

Chemistry experiments are a great way to get kids excited about studying chemistry even at a young age. I mean, what kid doesn’t think about creating bubbling magic potions or sending secret messages?

The study of chemistry has a scary connotation for many people. Chemistry has this stigma of being only for really, really smart students who want a career in the sciences. The truth is that, like all science, chemistry is everywhere. It is in the way water freezes into ice. It is in the way apples turn brown when you leave their flesh exposed to the air. Chemistry is in the way sugar dissolves in water.

Showing how chemistry is involved in everyday life can take that scary factor out of studying chemistry for students. When it comes time to study chemistry, they will be more excited about jumping in. Read more here!

Written by Melissa Camara Wilkins for Simple Homeschool

Teenagers are awesome.

The teenagers I know have interesting ideas, share perspectives I haven’t thought of, and are still open to learning even as they’re showing me new ways of looking at things.

At the same time, being the parent of homeschooled teens has opened up a whole new list of fears and expectations and things to worry about (hooray?):

Does interest-led learning work for teens? What will they do all day? What SHOULD they do all day? Are they doing enough? What IS enough, anyway? Read more here!

Written by Ta’Neisha Kemp from Marriage, Motherhood, and Makeup

It may have started off as a regular Tuesday, but shortly after breakfast, as Bible time begins, the washing machine starts to flood the laundry room and a child has accidentally hurt themselves. Once you get that under control, here comes the phone call, causing an immediate get-up-and-go response. As soon as you all return home and get going again, packages are being delivered, lunch needs to be served, and your little one is acting out because they missed nap time. I think every homeschooling mom has endured a busy morning like this, but don’t fret because there is still time to get the day back on track after moments of chaos. Read more here!