Modern Schooler picks 3 favs for December

Kris Bales from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers is quickly becoming one of our favorite bloggers! Her site says she is the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest voice behind Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She and her husband of over 25 years are parents to three amazing kids – one high schooler and two homeschool grads – and one son-in-law. Kris has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. She also seems intent on becoming the crazy cat lady long before she’s old and alone.

Chelsea Gonzales from
Wonder Wherever We Wander made our list because we love the unique way they are doing schooling! Who wouldn’t want to travel the country and do school along the way! Chelsea says, “I am a full time blogger and a roadschooling mama of one. My husband, son, and I travel the United States in a 27 foot travel trailer and have a blast making wonderful memories along the way.”

Susan from The Sparrow’s Home rounds out our December list because she is more than just a schooling blog. She also incorporates an entire series of family topics that can be used by all families, not just homeschoolers.  Susan is a former teacher turned homeschooler, married to her favorite person, and says she is blessed far more than she deserves. We love her motto of 
“Life is hard.  God is good.  We need each other.”

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

  • Includes 12″ Human body model with stand!
  • Use the Forceps and tweezers to remove the squishy organs.
  • Comes with a 24-page illustrated anatomy book that follows a piece of pizza as it travels through the systems of the human body.
  • Discover how the human body works with this realistic anatomical model.
  • Stem focus: anatomy and biology
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Look inside the book Watch what happens as a bite of pizza travels through your body
  • Take a tour of the human body from the inside out
  • Each SmartLab package contains everything kids need to explore and understand the mysteries of science
  • More than just a toy and book, SmartLab products satisfy and engage a child’s curiosity
  • Science becomes an adventure

12 Homeschool Myths Debunked: The Book for Skeptical Dads

Are you a Skeptical Dad?

Don’t like the idea of homeschooling your kids? This book is for you! It’s the key to understanding the truth about homeschooling. This no-nonsense book is written by a homeschool dad, for dads. It addresses the concerns of skeptical dads head-on, breaking down the 12 most common homeschooling myths, including:

  • Kids will lack proper socialization
  • Kids won’t get into a good college
  • Academics will suffer
  • I’m not equipped to teach
  • Kids won’t be able to play team sports

By explaining the truth about homeschooling, this book will equip you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your kids’ education. Don’t worry, it won’t try to convince you that homeschooling is the best choice for your family! That’s your decision — one that must be based on facts, not myths.

Scrambled States

Quick! Find a state that ends with the letter A. Now find one that borders Tennessee. Have fun learning about the United States in this madcap game of observation and quick reflexes. Collect state cards by matching them to a Scramble challenge. Or “Go the Distance” and find a state’s closest neighbor. Win the most cards and call yourself the Head of States! New deluxe edition features new art, new challenges, and a copy of ‘The Scrambled States of America’ book!

Written by Angie at Real Life At Home

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Indeed, although as homeschoolers we have opted out of traditional public education, that doesn’t mean we have opted out of being part of the community at large. One unique but often overlooked benefit of homeschooling is that we have the opportunity for regular, deliberate acts of service. Read more here!

50 Ideas for Volunteering as a Homeschool Family…Use this list to start planning your Community Service projects!