Written by Lynna for BookShark

I never imagined that I’d read and enjoy business and productivity books. I imagined that they’d be all about how to squeeze maximum efficiency out of every last second of the day. To me, that sounds like slow death by strangulation. No thanks.

But after various friends (including homeschool moms) repeatedly recommended a couple of titles, I decided to give them a try. Here are three lessons I’ve learned that actually adapt quite well to the homeschool dynamic. Read more here!

Written by Sarita for Sonlight

After I spoke at a homeschool conference last year, a mom came up to me with a big thank you. She breathed a huge sigh of relief, saying I had just given her great freedom.

I looked at her quizzically. What had I said that would have freed her? It was an almost off-hand comment I had made to consider whether or not an extracurricular activity or two might be a good fit for her family.

She explained that she had just come from another session where the speaker said she should never put her children in extracurricular activities. He had said that good homeschool moms keep their children with them at all times.

I know that different approaches work for different families. And many do well with no outside activities. But when I had my kids at home, a select few extracurricular activities provided a great blessing to my family and those around us. Why? Read more here!

Written by Modern Schooler

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate school into travel or what things not to miss with your schoolers when in the big cities of America? This series of books will give you all the information you need to plan your vacations, or as we love to call them “Family Field Trips” to some of the biggest cities our country has to offer!

Big City Schooling: New York City is a must for any family traveling to the 5 boroughs of NYC! With suggestions for teaching English, Science, History, Entrepreneurship and Art, there are resources to fill days of study! Want to have your budding artist have their sketches in an art library in NYC? Find out how in this book! Download your FREE copy of Big City Schooling: New York City today!

Did you like Big City Schooling: New York City? Pre-Order the entire series of 11 Big City Schooling books by Modern Schooler for $29.99. Cities include New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Dallas/Ft Worth, Washing DC, Cincinnati, Nashville, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans & Atlanta.
Release date January 31, 2019.

About The Author:
My name is Kelly and I have been a homeschool mom for the last 15 years. I have graduated two kids so far, a daughter who continued her education in a major university and a son who went straight to the workforce and within a year has moved into a solid management position inside his company. With my last guy getting ready to graduate it was the perfect time to share our experiences with Big City Learning! We traveled to all but 4 states in America with our kids…learning all along the way. We spent almost 3 years consecutively on the road in big cities, small towns and random places all around our great nation! These books are filled with the places we visited, the random things we did at each and how I justified them as “school”! I hope you enjoy them.

Written by Annette Breedlove for Intoxicated On Life

My four older kids all have their own tablets. We originally got them so the kids could use educational apps to improve their reading and math skills. The kids are allowed to play games on them, but we decided when and for how long. We chose to focus on these no-guilt kids apps that educate and entertain. We have set rules and apps they must do before playing on them non-stop. It has been fun to search and find educational apps they love and enjoy.

Apps are a great way to increase their learning in a fun, interactive way. Apps can be great for any age and any subject and can be used anywhere. And they are easily accessible on an iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android device. Read more here!