Every year of my 20+ homeschooling years my family took December completely off school. We used that time to bond as a family over Christmas cookies, gift gathering and visits with extended family. 

Roxanne Raiche at  Homework and Horseplay has some great ideas for you if you choose to take December off as well!

The holidays are a crazy time of year, and if your homeschool is anything like mine not a lot of school work gets done in December. And when I say “not a lot” I really mean none… at least not in the traditional sense.

Instead of being stressed about getting behind I have made the executive decision to set the curriculum aside and just enjoy the holidays. No History Read-Alouds, no Language Arts lessons, and no Science. However, that doesn’t mean the learning and growing has to stop! Here are three ways my children continue learning in December even when school’s officially out. Read more here!

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